Hobbies and Interests

Dance Portraits

Dance Portraits 1

The Expressive Art

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, or Irish  - whatever the style, dance is a way of expressing how you feel.  It is the hidden language of the soul.

No matter if you’re a professional dancer or enjoy dancing as a hobby,  Hoss will capture your mood and create it into wonderful creative images.

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Music Portraits


The Beauty of Music


Playing a musical instrument is not only a wonderful talent, but it becomes a part of you. The relationship between you and your instrument reveals who you are and how you feel.  Hoss just loves to explore that relationship and to demonstrate it with beautiful, artistic imagery.


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Motorbike Portraits

Motorbike Portraits 2

Biking - More Than Just a Hobby

You spend time getting the bike you love; it's your pride and joy - and it becomes a part of your life.  Hoss knows this because after many years of thinking about it and remembering his younger days of riding in the deserts of Iran, he has finally given in and acquired the bike of his dreams.

It's a great feeling, and Hoss will capture the essence of man and bike together.

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Portfolios 3

The Model Experience

A great portfolio opens doors; stunning images, beautifully presented will always impress. 

Whether it's for modelling, acting, dance or drama, Hoss will guide and collaborate on creating an amazing collection of creative photographs to produce a portfolio you'll be proud of.


Fashion and Creative Portraits


The Ultimate Creative Portrait

If you want something ultimately artistic especially for you then our creative and fashion portraits are the answer. 

Edgy, urban, chic, sensual, Hoss will create a unique set of portraits just for you; they are individual and will push the boundaries.

Put yourself in Hoss's hands and you will have the most creative portrait you could possibly imagine.