Man's Best Friend

For centuries man and his dog have lived together, whether it's a working dog or a cherished pet.

There are some fantastically named breeds- some we all know, many we don't, and of course those modern designer breeds - oops nearly forgot the mongrel.

Do you have a Swedish Vallhund or a Norwegian Lundehund what about Catahoula Leopard Dog or an Azawakh?  Whatever dog you have, pedigree or mongrel, big or little - we'd love to meet them.




Adorable felines

From kittens to cats they all make such adorable photographs.

Will your cat sit still for Hoss to create that stunning photograph?

We run special cat days, where everything is feline.



Live, Love, Ride

What is it about horses!  Anyone who owns one knows just how infinitely rewarding it is to have one in your life.  A total sense of peace and well being when you're around them.  It's not only their beauty and their loyalty - there's a certain something that goes beyond words.

Hoss will capture that spirit they possess and the bond you share with them, with stunning beautiful imagery.  If you share stables, why not organise a yard visit with your friends.