2017 October – 5 Masters one Model

Hoss was invited by The MPA to be on of the five Masters of Photography to photograph one model, at their National Awards event held at Jurys Inn Hinckley Island.

Hoss was also asked to judge on the Licentiate Qualifications Panel.

Meet the Masters Event

Billie Vee

Billie Vee - was born Vasiliki Vlahou in Athens, Greece since moving to London she has become an award-winning actress, screenwriter and producer.

She loves to work with Hoss and now has some more terrific promotional images.


Hoss Photography Website

Hoss Photography's New Website - Hoss with his camera

At Hoss Photography our new website is now up and running.  And if you’d ever been here before, you'll see a significant change.

We’d had the old site for several years, and when it was designed its appearance was very ‘newsy’ and up to the minute. We felt very ‘out there’ with our modern approach.  But times change, and we've finally got around to freshening it up.  Our branding remains the same, and of course, Hoss' imagery is still just as amazing as it ever was. But Hoss Photography now has a fresh, dynamic new website with attractive pages, user-friendly menu, and loads more wedding, portrait and commercial pictures for you to browse.

It also has buttons galore for you to press if you want to contact us, write nice things about us, buy a gift voucher, or share with your friends on social media.  You can probably guess that I’m not the world’s most techno savvy person. But I do love a bit of a gossip and communicating with you all somewhere out there in cyberspace.  So bear with me while I get my head around it all. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep everyone up to date with what’s going on in the world of Hoss Photography.

Thankfully we have a wonderful web designer who will take care of all the technical stuff. And Hoss continues to take the most fabulous images whilst being completely comfortable with all things digital.  Take a few minutes to have a wander around our new website; we have some great offers.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, give me a call 01923 494532.  I’m always happy to talk through specific requirements.

2017 August – Couples Award-London Portrait Group

Paul Wilkinson The judge at the latest Print awards of the London Portrait group chose a stunning image of one man and his dog taken by Hoss as the winner of the Couples Award.

Garden Studio Tour – The Best of Both Worlds

Garden Studio Video

When anyone books to come to us for their family portrait session, I always ensure that they know we’re a Garden Studio.  Over the years it’s been a hard task explaining that this isn’t a garden shed or even a converted garage.  It’s a beautiful purpose-built studio space with reception, camera room, viewing room and production area.

The beauty of all this is that we have a fully professional studio, combined with the relaxed informality of being ‘not on the high street’.  Away from the hustle and bustle, and with separate access completely away from the house, our studio nestles in peaceful tranquillity at the bottom of the garden.

So at long last, we invite you to check out our studio, by watching the video.

We would love to hear from you.


When visiting us you approach the studio to the side and rear of the house coming through the metal gates and walking through the garden.

It is a place for fun and relaxation, a place where dreams come true and memories are created.

You will find a warm welcome and be in a place where Hoss will create the pictures you will cherish forever.


Tiger Lilly – Photoshoot Video

Tiger Lilly is a quirky British pop/rock artist from the suburbs of London with Persian roots has a unique voice and distinctive sound

Tiger Lilly

Hoss and Tiger Lilly have worked together on several occasions creating fantastic images for her publicity and album covers, on this occasion the production company decided it would be good to video the photoshoot.


Gloria Garcia – Photoshoot Video

Gloria Garcia is a Latin pop/soul artist from Rioja, the wine region in Spain, with incredible vocals and stage presence. Her songs tell stories that resonate with us all.

Gloria Garcia

Hoss was asked to shoot a series of images for her publicity and album cover for her Album Puppet Show, the production company decided it would be good to video the photoshoot.


The Importance of Creating Memories

Here at Hoss Photography, we know that professional family photography is not on your list of priorities.  Too many other things to consider - fix the washing machine, service the car, buy new school uniforms.  Everyday modern life has a way of clouding our view of what really matters. And never has this been hammered home to me more clearly than on a recent trip to Northern France.

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7 Top Tips for Great Holiday Photos



Going on holiday? Make sure you get good memories.

  1. Plan Ahead - Remember to charge your batteries and take along extra memory cards.
  2. Look for Interesting Details - Break up the monotony of people and selfies with interesting details that capture a certain moment.
  3. Shoot Moments Not Poses - It might be tempting to run around with your camera yelling ‘Smile’, but it’s often better to shoot a moment rather than a pose – like opening presents, laughing, swimming…
  4. Remember the Rule of Thirds - Put your main subject or focal point off centre – not to the actual side, just slightly off the middle of the frame.
  5. Zoom in to the Details - After you’ve taken the obligatory full length shot, put on the long lens and see what details you can pick out.
  6. Act Fast with Groups - Allow your subjects a few seconds to compose themselves before focusing the camera on them, but don’t take too long to press the shutter. People tend to get impatient and might talk, blink or frown in the photograph!
  7. Get Down to Eye Level with Children - It’s tempting to shoot down at children, but this often results in ‘distant’ and unflattering pictures. Try getting right down on their level for a more interesting view or their world.

PS DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT! We're offering a set of 4 passport pictures for just £15  Pictures you'll be proud to have in your passport - satisfaction guaranteed (offer ends 31st August 2016)

Wedding Nerves


OK, so we’ve been in business for 22 years now – that’s a fair number of weddings Hoss has photographed, and a great many fabulous pictures. We’ve witnessed our fair share of nervous couples and their parents, who have been to see us to discuss exactly how they envisage their wedding photography.

Over all these years, I’ve prided myself on calming their nerves, making cups of tea, and reassuring them that their wedding photography will be all they hope for and more. Oh my goodness! I had no idea what these poor people were going through!

My own son is due to marry this month, and here I am on the other side of the fence. We’ve shopped for dresses, shoes, earrings and bags… We’ve designed invitations, orders of service, wedding favours and table arrangements… We’ve researched countless venues, cakes, florists and cars…

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