Being mediocre is not in Hoss’ vocabulary. He is always seeking out new and innovative ideas, through art, media, television – anywhere that inspires him to create the best images for himself and his clients.  And he ‘tests’ this innovation by constantly entering competitions of the highest level.  By winning awards that are being judged by some of the world’s other leading photographers, he ensures that he remains at the forefront of his profession, whilst also giving clear affirmation to his clients that they’ll receive outstanding results.  

He has been recognised in awards given by:

2017 August – Couples Award-London Portrait Group

Paul Wilkinson The judge at the latest Print awards of the London Portrait group chose a stunning image of one man and his dog taken by Hoss as the winner of the Couples Award.

2016 London Portrait Group – Photographer of the Year

The London Portrait Group print critiques are held quarterly and are always hotly contested. Each critique has an award for categories in Singles, Couples, Groups, and Composite, with points being awarded for first, second and third places. It is the accumulation of several wins and placings throughout the year that earned Hoss the much-coveted title of Photographer of the Year.

2016 -MPA Image of the Day


Each day the MPA chooses a fantastic image as its 'Image of the Day' and on the 25th April 2016, this stunning image by Hoss was selected.

2013 MPA Central Region Master Photographer of the Year

Hoss with Trophy awarded Central Region MPA Master Photographer of the Year 2013

Hoss Claims victory yet again winning the Central Region Master Photographer of the Year 2013.

Hoss has in the past five years won 4 times "I really wasn't expecting to win the top award I was confident in one or two of the categories but this is a fantastic result for me."

Hoss who photographs for My news magazine too has won the Press category with one of the images commissioned by my news Magazine. The other winning categories were Fashion, Portrait, Contemporary Portrait, Press, Fine Art. "Despite my winning in the last five years I have managed to keep our services competitive so that we can continue servicing our local community. When a client likes their portraits, to me it feels the same as winning an award."

2012 President of the MPA

Portrait Photographer of the Year 2012 London Portrait Group

Hoss wins the four categories of the London Portrait Group, It is the first time anyone has won All four categories and by doing so has won the overall London Portrait Photographer of the year 2012 Award. 

2012 President of the MPA

MPA President 2012 Hoss

Hoss has been elected as the President of the Master Photographers Association for the coming year from October 15th, 2012. His aim this year is to promote professional photography to the public and the association to the photographers.

Hoss joined the MPA 15 years ago and has always served on the committee of the Central Region MPA. He has also recently become the central region chairman and a Director of the MPA.

Hoss won his first ever competition entry in the region in 1998 and National Wedding Photographer of the Year 2006. Since then he has won many national and international awards as well as lecturing with in the professional photographers associations and organisation. Hoss has also been sponsored by Hasselblad, Profoto, Epson, Color world Imaging and other local companies in the last few years in his lectures and as recognition in his photography.

Image with Paul Cooper Past President.