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The Importance of Creating Memories

Man In churchyard looking at graves shows the importance of creating memories

The importance of creating memories

Here at Hoss Photography, we know that professional family photography is not on your list of priorities.  Too many other things to consider - fix the washing machine, service the car, buy new school uniforms.  Everyday modern life has a way of clouding our view of what really matters. And never has this been hammered home to me more clearly than on a recent trip to Northern France.

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7 Top Tips for Great Holiday Photos



Going on holiday? Make sure you get good memories.

  1. Plan Ahead - Remember to charge your batteries and take along extra memory cards.
  2. Look for Interesting Details - Break up the monotony of people and selfies with interesting details that capture a certain moment.
  3. Shoot Moments Not Poses - It might be tempting to run around with your camera yelling ‘Smile’, but it’s often better to shoot a moment rather than a pose – like opening presents, laughing, swimming…
  4. Remember the Rule of Thirds - Put your main subject or focal point off centre – not to the actual side, just slightly off the middle of the frame.
  5. Zoom in to the Details - After you’ve taken the obligatory full length shot, put on the long lens and see what details you can pick out.
  6. Act Fast with Groups - Allow your subjects a few seconds to compose themselves before focusing the camera on them, but don’t take too long to press the shutter. People tend to get impatient and might talk, blink or frown in the photograph!
  7. Get Down to Eye Level with Children - It’s tempting to shoot down at children, but this often results in ‘distant’ and unflattering pictures. Try getting right down on their level for a more interesting view or their world.

PS DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT! We're offering a set of 4 passport pictures for just £15  Pictures you'll be proud to have in your passport - satisfaction guaranteed (offer ends 31st August 2016)

Wedding Nerves


OK, so we’ve been in business for 22 years now – that’s a fair number of weddings Hoss has photographed, and a great many fabulous pictures. We’ve witnessed our fair share of nervous couples and their parents, who have been to see us to discuss exactly how they envisage their wedding photography.

Over all these years, I’ve prided myself on calming their nerves, making cups of tea, and reassuring them that their wedding photography will be all they hope for and more. Oh my goodness! I had no idea what these poor people were going through!

My own son is due to marry this month, and here I am on the other side of the fence. We’ve shopped for dresses, shoes, earrings and bags… We’ve designed invitations, orders of service, wedding favours and table arrangements… We’ve researched countless venues, cakes, florists and cars…

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Nicole Hailes

"Hoss was brilliant with my 10 week old daughter who was very grumpy and tired..he was very understanding and very helpful even trying to settle her for us. I would 100% recommend Hoss Photography and can't wait to pick up the finished pictures."

Nicole Hailes

Vanessa Hardy

"Just picked up my photos from Hoss photography today. They are amazing people! Wonderful experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Sooooo pleased with all my pictures. Thank you Hoss Photography."

Vanessa Hardy

Arjana Bhusal

"I just loved that place, very nice talking people, warm and welcoming environment. I really enjoyed the photo session in hoss photography loved every photo of my family and myself will go there again and again, thank you hoss for lovely pictures loved it."

Arjana Bhusal

Dani Chalk

"So pleased with our photos, we felt really happy with the variety of photos from the shoot and love the end result"

Dani Chalk

Ellen Hurn

"Fantastic photographer, both Hoss and Tracey super friendly and very welcoming. The guy simply knows his stuff. Amazing photos!"

Ellen Hurn

Martina Faulkner

"I have to say big thank u. You were fantastic with kids. We all loved it and can't wait for our fairy pictures to be ready."

Martina Faulkner


When will we be able to view the photographs?

You'll have chance to settle, before we show you your images at your private viewing immediately after your photography session.  Please note that for Makeover and Boudoir sessions, we may ask you to return by appointment a few days later.

What is your data and privacy policy?

We respect your privacy and will only collect data relevant to your business with us.

We are registered under the data protection act with the ICO.

We will never sell or pass on your information to any third parties.

What is the refundable booking deposit?

You will be asked for a £25 deposit at the time of booking, which is fully refundable and is purely to guarantee your appointment in our diary.  Unfortunately late cancellations do prevent other clients from booking at their preferred time so a 48 hour notice is required should you wish to cancel your appointment.  Failure to notify us of a cancellation may result in the forfeit of your deposit.

What is your quality and service guarantee?

It is our aim to create the best images possible and will at all times provide the highest levels of service. Should you have any reason to be unhappy with either the photographs or our service then please let us know as soon as possible.

We can only help resolve the problem if we know about it, and we'll make every possible effort to ensure that you're happy with every aspect of your experience with Hoss Photography.


We want you to love your portraits. If you aren’t completely happy with the images at your viewing, we will either re-shoot your session or refund you any monies paid.
How long do you keep the images for?

We can only guarantee to keep the images you ordered at your viewing these will be stored for a minimum of one year from the date of your viewing.

Do you have a changing room?


Where is the studio located?
Our address is:
24 The Crescent

Abbots Langley




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        What are your opening times?

        Bookings are always by appointment.  Our opening times are Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

        However, we're happy to book outside these times if you have a specific requirement or occasion in mind.