7 Top Tips for Great Holiday Photos



Going on holiday? Make sure you get good memories.

  1. Plan Ahead - Remember to charge your batteries and take along extra memory cards.
  2. Look for Interesting Details - Break up the monotony of people and selfies with interesting details that capture a certain moment.
  3. Shoot Moments Not Poses - It might be tempting to run around with your camera yelling ‘Smile’, but it’s often better to shoot a moment rather than a pose – like opening presents, laughing, swimming…
  4. Remember the Rule of Thirds - Put your main subject or focal point off centre – not to the actual side, just slightly off the middle of the frame.
  5. Zoom in to the Details - After you’ve taken the obligatory full length shot, put on the long lens and see what details you can pick out.
  6. Act Fast with Groups - Allow your subjects a few seconds to compose themselves before focusing the camera on them, but don’t take too long to press the shutter. People tend to get impatient and might talk, blink or frown in the photograph!
  7. Get Down to Eye Level with Children - It’s tempting to shoot down at children, but this often results in ‘distant’ and unflattering pictures. Try getting right down on their level for a more interesting view or their world.

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